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Sync your smartphone with your daily activities


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Morph is an app that lets you synchronize your Android device's interface with all of the activities that you take part in daily. To get started, create categories for each task that you carry out every day.

What stands out the most about Morph is that you can only enter the applications that are related to the activity that you’re currently doing. This means that the app only sends you notifications regarding the specific action that you’re taking part in at that moment. Because of this, inputting the correct time slots and days when you participate in every item is essential. You even have the option to select a location on the map for every task.

Since Morph can track your location, it knows when you move, and changes the apps that you receive notifications from accordingly. If you leave work and go to the gym, you stop getting notifications from apps that you use during the workday automatically.

Morph makes it easy to adapt your Android terminal to the activities that you do throughout the day. Focus on the present with this app, and only receive smartphone notifications related to what you’re doing in the now.